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The Training School AFM in Biology - a Focus on Marine Biology will be held at the Genoa Research Area of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) from 16 to 19 april 2013. The school is organized by COST Action TD 0906 in collaboration with COST Action TD 1002 and it will target scientists from all around Europe.

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) is a flexible tool to image and probe samples at the nanoscale. The school is addressed to users without any prior expertise on the technique and that are interested in the application of AFM to biology. A major attention will be dedicated to the preparation of biological samples for AFM imaging and spectroscopy and experimental activity will be the core of the school.

During daily activities, participants will be divided into groups: each group will focus on a specific scientific topic (biomolecules, cells, tissues and organisms) and each student will experience the use of AFM instruments provided by leading companies participating in the school.

The presentation/lecture modes will comprise only a small part of the student's experience, in fact the experimental approach of the school stresses the promotion of active learning experiences, in order to emphasize the central role that experience plays in the learning process. Key to learning therefore will be active involvement in AFM methods and techniques.

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